A selection of projects completed by Cognac Garden & Services




1. Jungle clearance, Archiac. I have extremely strong brush cutters including the top of the range Stihl KM131R. This brush cutter goes through overgrown areas when most machines just get tangled up.

2-6. Out of control hedge over 200 meters long, relined and looking great again, Luchac.
7-13. Various stages of repointing old stone buildings. Crépi removed, spaces chipped out, cleaned and prepared, rejointed with lime mortar giving strength and looking fabulous. Various finishes available.
14-15. Before and after pollarding using the Stihl KM131R with chainsaw attachment giving great reach and plenty of power where needed, Luchac.
16-17. Muddy uneven area next to hard stand driveway. Calcaire delivered, spread and levelled with a wacker plate. Giving extra parking and turning. Looking neat and tidy, Jonsac.
18-21. Large uneven area, two feet high with weeds. Cleared, levelled with mini digger, rotavated with mini tractor and seeded for grass, near Archiac.
22-27. Hedge on sloping uneven ground, no problem all trim and tidy, Burie.
28-29. Area cleared, a beautiful view across the vines brought to life, Chadenac.
30-32. Relatively small plot, a second property. Tidy and ready for the owners arrival, near Breville.
33-34. Never ending, out of control hedge. Now tamed and looking great, Rioux.
35. Tree felled, wood cut and stacked to dry for firewood, excess disposed of, Chadenac.


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