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Keeping your garden looking good all year round!


Our Guarantee

We offer a fully registered and insured service



One-off or Regular Visits & Seasonal Help

One-off visits

We help to get your garden in order to then manage yourself.

Regular Visits

If you want garden maintenance on a regular basis, we can tailor a plan to your needs so your garden is maintained at it's best all year round.


Seasonal Help

In the garden there is always work to be done. We're here to help with the larger jobs especially at the change of the seasons.

Hedges & Trees

Hedge before

Hedge after

Before pollarding

After Pollarding


Trimming, cutting and relining. We use top-of-the-range hedge and tree cutting equipment, including long reach and various platforms to get to those hard to access places. Any size hedge can be tackled comfortably with the equipment we use.



Oak Raised Beds, Borders, Terraces & Garden Structures

Terrace & Pergola

Oak Border & Chippings

Oak Raised Beds


When we first moved to France we inherited a massive wooden deck which had seen better days. Now we have replaced with a terrace and pergola, perfect for the outdoor life we enjoy here. Buidling on this experience we offer these fantastic structures as one of our services. With a rigid, no concrete base and suitable for any terrain, these garden structures really add value to your outdoor area.

Oak raised beds are another area that we have seen grow in popularity in recent years. They are a great way of growing a wide variety of plants; particularly popular for growing fruit and vegetables. They are visually attractive offering structure to the garden whilst providing great access. The soil warms faster in the Spring with the benefit of increased drainage.



Lawn Maintenance

Lawn repairs, regeneration, scarifying and new lawn creation

Preparing ground


Finished Lawn


Preparing ground

Finished Lawns



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